AtoZ Blog Challenge – Q – Chicago Q Barbque



1160 N Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60610
b/t Division St & Elm St in Near North Side

 You must admit the letter Q is a difficult letter to find a subject to write about. And the letter Q in Chicago, seemed impossible. I couldn’t think of a thing from my new novel, Facing East, that would do. A beautiful granddaughter, who is working and living in Chicago, better known as Kelsey, suggested the Chicago Q Restaurant. (Thank you, dear girl) I love barbecue.

When I was growing up in Evanston, IL. just north of Chicago, barbecue used to mean chunks of beef with sauce poured on top. North Carolina barbecue is something else, roasted on a spit you can have pulled pork or chicken, basted with a vinegar tasting sauce, or a Tennessee style barbecue, which I prefer.

Here’s a little information about Chicago Q.  I’ve never been, but next trip to Chicago, I’ll meet you there. A little bourbon, a little barbecue, Chicago style!

Since opening in 2010, Chef/Partner Lee Ann Whippen has created a barbecue experience, using the highest quality meats seasoned with house-made rubs while served in a Savannah-style dining room, imbued with Southern charm and comfort. The restaurant serves Whippen’s award-winning competition fare alongside regional favorites from the Carolinas, Texas, Missouri and Tennessee, which pair perfectly with the best selection of rare and exclusive bourbons in Chicago. Sound good, doesn’t it.


About Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin

Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin grew up in Evanston, IL. and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. She is an author of two novels: The Greening of a Heart and Facing East. She lives, writes and gardens in NC. Visit her:
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7 Responses to AtoZ Blog Challenge – Q – Chicago Q Barbque

  1. Fran Clark says:

    I live in London and BBQ’s are limited to the summertime (if we get any sun) but fewer and fewer people have them at home. It would be great to find one like the one you describe. Sounds tasty. Why am I so hungry all of a sudden?:) Enjoy the rest of the challenge and thanks for visiting!

  2. johnvic8 says:

    Aren’t granddaughters wonderful! The series is great.

  3. Sounds better than wonderful! I wonder if she does a brisket that can compare to Texas brisket. Living in GA now, I’ve yet to find a restaurant that makes a lean fall-apart-brisket Texas style, other than m own… Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @

  4. noelleg44 says:

    Will have to try this restaurant. I myself prefer the vinegar based sauce!

  5. I am a follower, so will be here after the challenge as well. That picture looks amazingly appetizing. If I visit Chicago, I know where to go eat. Thank you.

  6. Scarlet Embers says:

    Ha, ha. You had me at “a little bourbon.” Congratulations on nearing the end of your A-Z challenge.

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