W – The Washington Duke Inn – Durham, NC

I hope you have enjoyed this year’s theme. I invite you to continue FOLLOWING this blog that will revert to things you would expect a writer and gardener, addicted to books and reading, to post. I would hate to lose your company. Cheers!

Front_Drive_Exterior_2_Nearing the finish of the AtoZ Blog Challenge, I invite you to join me for tea at one of my favorite destinations in Durham, NC located at the edge of the beautiful and stately Duke University campus. The Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club opened its doors in 1988. All renovations and additions as well as the original design were created by Rabun Architects, an Atlanta-based firm.The hotel was named for Washington Duke (1820-1905), who become an industrialist and philanthropist. The interiors of the Inn are splendid and can be taken for granted after many visits. What reminded me of this fact was taking my granddaughter, Sarah Katherine and her friend, Katie, for their first time; observing the reaction of these young women. I watched through their eyes from the opening of the doors with the etched glass, to the table set before them. When we finish our #Challenge tea today, I suggest we visit Duke Gardens, known as the star in Duke’s crown. The Duke Chapel is a must, but short of that, walking across the campus in all seasons is an experience you will long remember.

0EB3DD4A9B24E1D710B5B4C4F1B61467I have often been seated at the round table at the upper right of this photograph. I’m sure you agree a round table is a lovely way to visit with friends. Today I think of all of us gathered in this lovely space. I want to thank you for joining me throughout the #Challenge on this arm chair hotel and inn tour. Now let’s enjoy our tea.                                      PS: I follow The High Tea Society Facebook page, which is about drinking tea in places around the world. I recommend this to you.


The Gluten Free Version of Tea for Me


For my AtoZ Blog Challenge Friends

About Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin

Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin grew up in Evanston, IL. and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. She is an author of two novels: The Greening of a Heart and Facing East. She lives, writes and gardens in NC. Visit her: Stephenyhoughtlin.com
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23 Responses to W – The Washington Duke Inn – Durham, NC

  1. kiwinana says:

    Well, I would love to join you in the celebration for the end of the A to Z challenge, that feast sure looks good.
    I think we will miss that post every day. I wonder what we will write about in the month of may, I can’t see us stopping and not writing at all.
    Looking forward to reading your future posts.
    Happy Day Writing.

    • One of the things I enjoy about the #Challenge is the focus it provides for my writing. I love the research as well. AND having nice folks like you stopping by. Because I am a writer and gardener, the blog will revert to things related to books and authors, gardening, reflections. Let’s linger over our tea today before hurrying on to May.

  2. Hi Stepheny! Returning the favour and visiting your blog – which is very interesting, I must admit! The amount of information you know about this topic reminds me of the writing of another #AtoZchallenge blogger, Julie Weathers. She does extensive research prior to writing, and it’s just beautiful writing! If you’re interested, her blog is at http://julieweathers.com/blog/
    Anyway, thanks again for visiting my blog and happy final week of the challenge!

    • Delighted that you came for tea today with me. Let’s pretend to linger at the table and talk on. Thank you for directing me to Julie Weathers’ blog. Loved it. This blog will revert to books and authors, gardening, reflections in May, but slowly. Need some time out. If that interests you, do come back. Thanks for leaving your comment. More tea?

  3. These are such beautiful photographs. And your descriptions and stories about them are interesting, indeed. Thank you.
    Aneeta from
    How to Tell a Great Story

    • Thank you for leaving your comment. I’m sorry the #Challenge is all but over. This is my 4th year and the theme of hotels and inns turned out to be a good choice. I loved the research and revisiting places I had personal experience with. Let’s have some more tea, shall we?

  4. bobbic1219 says:

    Hi Stepheny
    I would love to stop by and have tea with you there. What a lovely hotel!! It is some place that I want to visit!! Thanks for sharing..

  5. Lucy says:

    Oh my goodness, I want a proper tea, followed by a garden walk! Tea is the cure for everything.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Cheers, Lucy

  6. julieweathers2014 says:

    Oh, my stars, Stephany. How beautiful. I’ve been researching hotels in Charleston, SC and Alexandria, VA. as well as some other Civil War era hotels. I’m going to have to go back through all your posts now. I’d love to have tea in this hotel and I definitely followed your blog. I also study plants quite a bit in the south for authenticity. I very much look forward to seeing future posts.

    Thank you for referring Stephany, Kae. Great find.

    • Lovely to make a new blogging friend. Sounds like you are already doing interesting research to find a historic connection to where you stay. Charleston is filled with options. I garden in North Carolina, zone 7, having moved from the clay of the Chapel Hill area to a more sandy soil east of Raleigh. Wish you could stand and look at a ‘Kay Paris’ magnolia (1st cousin to the Little Gem) I have that is fine for small gardens with an upright growth. Tell me what you think is wrong with it. Looks like it is dying at the top. Why????? Looking forward to following you and we will chat soon I hope. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  7. Hart Johnson says:

    What a beautiful location! I’m not a fan of tea but I can get along with little sandwiches and pastries.

    • I don’t drink coffee, but that works. A glass of wine? Or forget tea and enjoy the hotel or inn some other way, a place you would like to see. It’s the atmosphere of this historic places that you want to enjoy. Thanks for visiting. Come back.

  8. I haven’t been to a tea in a few years. Your post reminded me that it’s time to go again. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Stephny.

    • Hopefully there is a hotel or inn in your neck of the woods that you could find out about. Check the cost before you go to be sure it isn’t over the top. It is best done with good company, of course. I hope you find time this spring to treat yourself. Thanks for visiting. Come back when you can.

  9. Stepheny, what a lovely blog! I used to live in Apex, and have visited the Duke gardens, which are lovely. I wish I’d known about this tea room, because it sounds amazing!

    Thanks for the visit, and happy a-to-z-ing!

  10. stephie5741 says:

    How charming. I love inns. It’s such a better vacation experience than a hotel. They’re just usually SO expensive.


    • We spell our names differently, but share our appreciation for inns. Some of the places I wrote about our expensive to stay the night, but hoped to encourage people to go and have lunch or tea, or just wander through the lobbies etc. to enjoy the architecture and story they tell. Wish the two of us could visit together and share further interests. Do come back after the #Challenge to see if the blog about books and gardening and writing and….is of interest. Hope so.

  11. noelleg44 says:

    Never been there for tea, but we had our 25th wedding anniversary party there and it was so much fun. Of course that was 24 years ago!

  12. claowue says:

    I love it! This was a great choice for W-Day!

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