Facing East – A novel



With the unexpected death of her husband, Katherine White examines her heart hoping to find a few desires that she can build a new life upon. She leaves Chapel Hill, where she has lived her adult life, and moves back home, this time to the Gold Coast area of Chicago. Her determination and courage to pronounce her new life “holy,” sets in motion a change in the lives of others. The setting of the story includes Seattle, where a mystery is solved, and Italy, the place Robert Davis has gone to reinvent himself. Facing East pays homage to a way of life where fireflies once flitted in the bushes and unafraid, children rode their bikes everywhere. Even the winter snows that dim the fairy lights along Michigan Avenue, are a part of a story that regardless of their age, people are looking for a new day that welcomes the changes and losses in their lives.


2 Responses to Facing East – A novel

  1. patty tappan friend and author A FINE HOW DO YOU DO, soon to be out !! says:

    looks wonderful and will be in touch soon xxxooo, Patty

  2. Don Carruthers says:

    Dear Stepheny, I have ordered a copy of your novel, “Facing East”, and am looking forward to reading it very soon. I have the honor of being a classmate of you and Bob at ETHS and a fellow graduate in 1956. My Best Wishes and love to you both.
    Don Carruthers

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